About The Colour Sisterhood

The Colour Sisterhood is a company of down to earth, everyday women who desire to make a difference and make the world a better place. It is a foundation seeking to place value upon humanity—a story of unity & alliance.

The heart of Sisterhood is that every woman can find an important & critical level of partnership. Not all may feel confident with the larger projects, but there is something for everyone.

For example, 2009's launch of the Knitting Sisterhood was hilarious, but it has proven so fruitful. Many doors have been opened in local communities.

We are Sisterhood!

We are part of a global awakening of God's daughters on the earth, but as much as it is collective, it is also personal.

The I AM SISTERHOOD statement carries a sense of personal revelation and ownership. I believe God has invested gift, talent, measure and capacity within you—and as we all roll up our sleeves and decide that we are here for such a time as this, we will see astounding miracles take place in our own families, neighbours, churches, community and world.

With Love,
Bobbie Houston.
Senior Pastor, Hillsong Church

“If one woman can change her world, then only heaven truly knows what ONE COMPANY of women can achieve”


One Love. One Heart. One Sisterhood.


We are ONE church and ONE sisterhood and my prayer is that this year the message and mandate of being a "movement of radical chick followers of Jesus Christ" will resonate and compel you to live the big, generous and adventurous life you have been called to.

LOVE; there is no greater love, than when one lays down their life for another.

HEART; to be keenly involved and committed.

SISTERHOOD; empathy that one woman (or company of women) feel for another; to identify and feel loyalty towards.

i am Sisterhood

This is a declaration that frames the heart of this gathering. It seeks to put language around a growing movement of women arising on the earth, who are responding to a simple invitation to BE THE CHANGE and make a positive difference in their local and/or global communities.

"I AM SISTERHOOD is a declaration.

A declaration that is bold and strong, quiet and confident. A declaration about value and identity, purpose and mission. It is a declaration intentional in reach and embrace. It transcends culture and creed, age and status, prejudice and preference.

It’s a declaration that positions itself amid awareness and responsibility, concern and care, injustice and solution. A declaration ultimately concerned with the welfare of the world and her inhabitants. It has courageously woven its way through time and history and continues to weave itself across our lives and future.

It is our collective here and now - and belongs to any feminine soul, who somehow believes that she was born for more than what is temporal and fleeting.

It’s for women of all ages and background, personality and style, colour and vibrancy. It’s for the bold and bodacious, the demure and unassuming.

It’s the sisterhood that perhaps heaven imagined when a very intentional Creator created His girls. It’s strong and beautiful, feminine and gracious, authoritative and gentle and above all else, welcomes the broken and discarded.

Whichever way you see or understand it, it is a growing movement of women across the earth.

Our invitation to you that you are welcome to come gather with this sisterhood. We’re down-to-earth and normal and our heart is to take what is in our hand and genuinely use it for good.

So whoever you are, and wherever you are, be blessed - and let’s believe that together we can make this world a better place.

With love..."

© 2009 Bobbie Houston